CS604 GDB No. 1 Spring 2020 Due date 18-08-2020

  • CS604 GDB No. 1 Spring 2020 Due date 18-08-2020

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  • CS604 – Operating Systems


    November 6, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    <div><div>Dear Students,

    Graded discussion (GDB) will be launched on 17-08-2020 and close on 18-08-2020; it will remain open for two days. You can post your comments on the below mentioned topic till 18-08-2020.

    Graded Discussion Board

    Semester: Spring 2020
    Operating System – CS604


    Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting the GDB:

    A concise, coherent and to the point comment is preferred over lengthy comment having irrelevant details. Your comment must not be more than 4-5 lines.
    Comments, posted on regular Lesson’s MDB or sent through email will NOT be considered in any case. Any request about such an acceptance will not be catered.
    You should post your answer on the Graded Discussion Board (GDB), not on the Moderated Discussion Board (MDB).
    For any queries please email at [email protected]
    Topic: “Operating Systems”


    “Android is free and an open platform built on Linux. It is based on simplified mobile app development. For mobile devices, can we deploy applications for supporting and mapping windows phone need? The applications which are independent of linux / windows platform, for minimizing communication gap among those applications, what do you think? Is this step beneficial or implementable for solving customer problems with increase in productivity for their business?” Justify your answer with solid reasoning.</div></div>

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